Photo by Patrick Aubin

Howdy, y’all

I’m an illustrator that grew up on a farm in Georgia, now based in California. I create concept-driven graphic illustrations that are simple and compelling. My love of illustration comes from a childhood spent reading comics and drawing on every available surface. Mole Pink and Forest Green are some of my favorite colors. I’m not sure if Mole Pink is an internationally recognized Pantone color, but its the pink you might see on a mole’s nose. My mother was a science teacher so I got to see that sort of thing a lot growing up :) 

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DoubleBlind Magazine, Ada Support, Google, Moxxly,
Zest Health, CA Technologies
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Dream Clients

Monocle, New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, California Sunday, Chobani, Tricycle:The Buddhist Review,  Patagonia, WIRED, WSJ, The Economist, Greenpeace, Warby Parker