Welcome to the Datasphere.

The millions of transactions, messages and apps we use every day generate massive amounts of data. Some call this “Big Data”. While the age of Big Data brings opporuntity to all businesses, it also brings risk. How do companies harness the power of Big Data and protect consumers? By mastering the Datasphere.

To launch CA Technologies’ new Data Management platform we created an Oculus Rift experience to give people a chance to experience the Datasphere firsthand. We also made teaser videos for social and promo banners using in-house photography.  

Role: Art Direction, Game Design for VR

Data Explorers

To showcase the new software during a tech conference, we scripted a short interactive game in which users had to save the Datasphere by using CA Big Data Management. Using the touch functionality of Oculus, users could manipulate data and solve quick puzzles that match real-world business problems. Below is a recording of the Oculus experience.

What does Data smell like?

Inspired by the practical special effects of 2001, we used projection mapping and realtime light effects to create the Datasphere as seen by the Data Explorers in these teaser videos for social.