Your business, in 360º

How do you show IT customers how digital transformation can help them compete? Bring them into an immersive environment and show them the proof. For CA Technologies we created a fully 360º video mobile, VR device and desktop friendly experience.

Our team was involved from the very beginning concept to the final developed execution. As the creative director, I led the project from first pitch to the 360º filming to visual design of the UI.

Within the first month we had 15K unique visitors, over 3,000 video views, and an average of 3 page views per visit, shattering previous records for 

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Role: Creative Direction, Visual Design, 360º Storytelling

Collaborators: Priya Mapara AD, Pora Rith UX


Visitors created their own personalized itinerary using a drag and drop UI.

To generate buzz on social channels, we created a sizzle video showcasing a sneak-peek of the 360 experience.

CA 360 Sizzle from Priya Mapara on Vimeo.