Democracy, powered by data

During the 2016 election, CA Technologies helped CNN develop their CNN Politics app. To launch the co-creation we used the insight that while we may be divided we can all agree on our love of great apps. Working with my copywriter/partner Eric Roller, we crafted a script with two opposing characters who actually have more in common than they might believe. “Democracy, powered by data” appeared in broadcast, social, digital banners and leveraged a number of CNN properties—resulting in a 50% increase in brand of choice, a 22% increase in purchase consideration, and a 16% uptick in brand favorability.

AdForum's Best Political Ads of 2016

Role: Creative Direction

For the printed “Frontiers” edition of WIRED magazine, guest-edited by President Barack Obama, we cast an all-American electorate and placed them on a patriotic bandstand in the middle of a cornfield. This was accomplished via compositing and retouching. No corn was harmed during this process.

To drive traffic to the CA and CNN co-creation story, we created a series of digital ads that were placed on CNN, FOX, and within the CNN Politics app.